We are all guilty…leaving things in our cars that shouldn’t be. You know everything from medicine innocently left in our purse in the car, bottled water, lotion, you name it.

We have all heard the news reports about leaving water bottles in hot cars and how chemicals from the plastic can leach into the water when it gets hot. While there are many in the industry that argue this is simply not true, because bottled water is tested in a variety of different temperatures and environments. A report by Today presents both sides. According to the article, Cheryl Watson, a professor in the biochemistry and molecular biology department at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston strongly advises people to not store bottled water in places with a significant amount of heat. She went on to state, “When you heat things up, the molecules jiggle around faster and that makes them escape from one phase into another,” which is what causes the plastic component chemicals to leach out.  In all fairness of reporting, the article includes statements from the International Bottled Water Association as they claim that water containers are regulated and safe under a variety of conditions, including hot cars. While the jury is still out on the bottled water, one item is for certain among tanning professionals and that is to never leave your tanning lotion in a hot car.

Tanning lotion that is left in a hot car will cause it to not work properly. The ingredients that give you that fabulous bronze tan are heat activated. Lotion left in a hot car causes it to lose that tingling and bronzing effect.

The heat from the sun that builds up in your car can activate your tanning lotion much like it is activated by the heat of the tanning bed resulting in less overall effectiveness. By the time you apply your lotion and get in the tanning bed, it has lost much of its ability to work properly.

Additionally, the heat causes the lotion to liquefy. Oftentimes, the lotion will not even go back to its original creamy consistency. This can lead to discoloration or hot spots. When this happens, it also loses much of its moisturization capabilities and we all know that the key to a long lasting great tan is moisturizing.

Even during the winter months if the lotion is laying directly in the sun it will become too hot. Winter also brings another harmful element to your lotion---freezing temperatures. Freezing causes the lotion to separate and lose its effectiveness, again, minimizing your tanning results. It is always a good idea to store your indoor tanning lotions indoors in a shaded area at room temperature. Many people often come straight from work or on their lunch breaks to tan, so it is always a good idea to just throw it in your handbag and take it inside with you. After all, you have paid your hard-earned money for the product, why take a chance on not getting the full value it offers. Bottom line…don’t leave your tanning lotion in your car.

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