Have you ever gone into a place and felt as if you were the only one that didn’t know what the heck was going on? Yeah…I’ve been there done that and I didn’t really like it. The folks at Tan Unique never want any of their clients to feel that way. They are always happy to answer any questions you may have. However, if you are like me, I like to gather a little information before I enter unchartered territory. Let’s talk about indoor tanning and the difference between a lay-down bed and a stand-up bed. Both beds will provide you with an amazing tan and it ultimately boils down to preference.

Lay-down tanning beds allow you to rest, relax and possibly catch a little nap on your lunch break or after a long day of work. This type of bed is probably what most people think of when they are going to a tanning salon. One downside though is that lay down tanning beds do have pressure points, causing you to have white spots in areas of pressure like your shoulder blades. Check out this past blog about how to avoid those unsightly bum moons and other white spots.

Stand-up tanning beds are a great option for people that might not like the feeling of being enclosed while lying down. Stand-up beds still enclose your body, but some people are more at ease if they are standing. This bed will give you a thorough tan that covers your entire body. They also take less time to get that great coverage so they are perfect for those on a tight schedule.

Whichever you prefer, Tan Unique has the right bed for you. Lay-down bed options include:

UltraSun High Pressure 25000 offering you a deep tan that lasts longer, in less time

UltraSun Powerhouse 6000 allowing you to get your perfect tan in as few as three to five sessions

UltraSun 4000 offers another option for relaxation and tanning while lying down.

The UltraSun stand-up tanning bed offers you a great tan for those that prefer the stand-up beds.

Stop by Tan Unique today and choose the bed that is right for you!

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